My first months studying Architecture were very disappointing. Everything was so unlike my expectations that I wanted to quit; get out and try my hand at something, anything else. But with a little time I began to understand what Architecture could be and what it means to people.

That’s what brought me back – the power of good design and its ability to improve the lives of people. Since then, I’ve only wanted to be an architect, a positive force in people’s lives.

I keep this in mind when I craft my designs. My goal is always a delightful space, a harmony between human experience and the tectonics of Architecture.


Master’s of Architecture
2012 North Dakota State University

B.S. Environmental Design, Music
2011, 2012 North Dakota State University


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This site is intended to record the progress of design work as I work to complete a Master’s of Architecture at North Dakota State University. I will be posting material weekly. This strategy will serve two ends: first, it will provide a better picture of progress and second, it will ensure that I thoroughly document my work throughout the project. Feel free to provide feedback. AB