Wk 5 – New Directions

I think there were some really good developments in the design this week. Most of my thought had been focused on the laboratory spaces, but by Wednesday I made an effort to tackle the office/workspaces. As David and I were discussing the value of ‘acoustical vignettes’, he sketched several intersecting spaces (à la Frank Ching). I added to the sketch and began a series of my own. This new organization is based off a single line (a path), with the intersecting spaces set apart to act as ‘sonic nodes’.

As I began translating the sketches into the computer, I took special notice of a fortune teller-shaped valentine which Morgan had given to me and was sitting on my desk. Despite being derived from a square, the paper had been folded in a way which simultaneously gave it strength and created a space. By altering the ‘folds’ I developed a shape with multiple curvatures (akin to a hyperbolic paraboloid) enabling a large, column-free space.

Goals moving forward are to flesh out a master site plan and to update the laboratory placement.

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